Build apps that generate images on Create 🖼️

Hi Creators,

You can now make apps that generate images. Give your users a Midjourney-like experience, or come up with your own thing - all for free.

Just use the Stable Diffusion integration. 

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Get started with image generation here 

We’ve also added Audio Transcription and Google Image Search integrations. Learn more about all of the integrations here.

Download the entire project

You can also download entire projects and run them with a couple of simple commands or send them to your engineering team.

This means you can use Create to help you get started, and if there are things you want to do on your own, it’s now a breeze to do quickly.

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But if you get tired of sorting linked lists and want to keep coding in English, we’ll still be here :) 

And if you haven’t joined already, catch us on Discord, where we can help you build out your projects. 

Please reply here and let us know if you have any other integration requests. We have many more improvements coming down the pipe.

Just build it!

Zaria, James, Marcus, Meron, Dhruv