How to make an app that stands out with Create

Discover how to make a landing page like the one below, without writing any code.

How to make an app that stands out with Create
If you are new to Create, welcome!

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I shared on Twitter some of my tips for making an app that stands out using Create.

In this post, I'm going to dive into a little more detail about some resources and recommendations for making a landing page like the one below👇


1. Take advantage of free assets

Especially in the early days of building out your app, having a personal photographer or spending hundreds of dollars on stock photography isn't realistic. That doesn't mean you have to settle for poorly ai generated images or no photography at all.

Check out my favorite free resources below:

  • Pexels is a great site to grab free photo and video assets. Not only can you download the assets, you can modify the photos and videos without any additional licensing.
  • Freepix is a great resource for illustrations. They have tons of free assets and you can download them in a variety of file type formats (just remember to credit the artist!).

2. Movement matters

Incorporate video and animation into your apps! Even a basic video background can make a huge difference in your page.

Animation is also a great way to add movement to your app. Try experimenting with text animations or even Parallax scrolling.


3. Play with fonts

Experimenting with fonts can help you build fun, powerful, and unique apps. It's easy to fall into Roboto/Inter/Poppin rhythm - I get it! But allowing yourself the creativity to explore can really take your app to the next level.

Check out this app from our Co-Founder Marcus for a great example of how to make a bold app just using fonts and color.

Create allows you to use Google Fonts in your projects, all you have to do is select they from the Instant Design tab or type them into your prompt by name.

Some of my favorite Google Fonts right now are Alice, Righteous, and Neonderthaw. Explore more at the link below!

Browse Fonts - Google Fonts
Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography

Watch the full video 👇

Get started with an example prompt

  1. Adventure Awaits landing page
Adventure Booking - built with Create
Make your own in 2 minutes
  1. SF Grand Hotel landing page
SF Grand Hotel - built with Create
Make your own in 2 minutes

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