Infinite Canvas: build with everything in one place

Infinite Canvas: build with everything in one place

Today, we're releasing a big change to help you design more powerful apps:

Infinite Canvas.

If you are new to Create, welcome!

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Build with everything in one place

Many of you are building deeper projects - with more components and pages than ever. As your project gets more powerful, it's tough switching tabs to change each part.

So today, we're launching Infinite Canvas.

1. See all pages and components at once


You can now see everything within your project—all your pages and components—without switching between windows and tabs.

2. Click to update


Tap on any page or component to update the prompt and re-generate it.

3. Work in parallel


Waiting for something to generate? Work on something else at the same time.

4. Zoom


Zoom out to get a bird's eye view. Zoom in to a single page or component. Drag to reorganize however you design best.

5. Collaboration


Invite your team and work together in real time.

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