New: GPT 4 Vision, Fast AI Images, and Full Bleed View

Hi Creators,

Some quick updates for those building with Create. As a reminder - Create is a new generative AI first builder that lets you automagically create sites and apps with full code. We're adding more you can do with it each week.

A few new things:

  • ⏩ Fast AI generated images - you'll now see any AI generated images in your project show up in < 1 second. You can always replace these with your own images by tapping them.
  • πŸ–₯ Full Bleed View - you've now got more space to complete your design as we've removed most of the chrome. View what you're making on desktop or mobile quickly by hitting the switcher. You can also move the iterations sidebar out of the way if you need more space.

πŸ‘ GPT 4 Vision 🀯 - you can now copy and paste images into Create (cmd-shift-4 on Mac to quickly grab a screenshot to your clipboard). It's perfect for making a landing page using an existing one as inspiration, creating React components from Figma designs, or creating cool hybrid designs. If you make something cool with this and tweet it @create_xyz, we'll send you something special.

gpt-4-vision for landing pages
Make new versions of your fav landing pages
gpt-4-vision for components
Make your own version of components

  • πŸ‘€ Galleries - we're putting together some collections of the best things made with Create. You can quickly take over any of these projects as a starting point for your own design. First up: check out these pricing pages.

You can try all these new features out from our homepage or from your dashboard.


Dhruv, Marcus, Zaria, James, and Meron (the Create Team)