New in Create: build apps powered by ChatGPT

Hi Creators,

You can now make apps that are powered by ChatGPT.

Press / in the editor to bring up integrations you can use in your app.

Press / for integrations
Press / to use an integration

Then just describe how you want the app to look and behave and Create will write the code for it:

If you need help, you can join us on Discord to get tips.

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There's a lot more you can now create

Some ideas:

  • A custom blog post optimizer for your marketing team
  • A copy writing assistant for sales emails
  • A personalized language learning app
  • A Jira ticket formatter as a PM
  • A lead gen flow for your startup
  • A personal assistant for internal support questions
  • A prompt optimizer to test your own ChatGPT prompts

Some fun favorites so far:

Short story translator
Leo the Lion story translator with Google Translate

Website generator
An webpage generator (meta we know)

A fitness goal planner
Fitness goal planner

Business Plan AI
Business Plan AI

A command line generator
A command line assistant that translates from english to Bash

Paul Graham pitch advice
Paul Graham pitch advice

A french practice chat
A French practice chat

AI brand name generator
An AI brand name generator

You can create your own AI powered apps from the homepage or your dashboard


Zaria, James, Meron, Dhruv and Marcus (the Create team)