New in Create: real-time app building ✨

Hi Creators,

We just made our biggest update to Create: real-time app building.

It's now much faster to get exactly what you want. Just start typing and the AI starts building.

Start typing, builds in real time

Don't like the results? Add more details to your spec and the AI adds them to the next version.

Add details to your spec

Stuck on how to do something? Join our Discord community and someone on the Create team or another user will help you perfect your spec.

Join Create on Discord

So what can you now build faster?

Here are some of our favorite apps we made while testing:

Rock, paper, scissors
Rock, paper, scissors game
Waiting list
Modern waitlist
Countdown clock
Countdown clock
Character converter
Character converter

Try out the speed and ease of real time and let us know what you think in Discord. Get started from the homepage or dashboard.


Marcus, Zaria, James, Meron, and Dhruv (the Create Team)