NEW: Multipage, OpenAI Moderation, Product Search - PLUS Creators of the Week

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March 12 2024

Hey Creators,

Welcome to this week's updates on the inner workings of Create, the easiest way to code in natural language™️. We've got a bit of a new layout for you this week, but first, a quote to get the juices flowing:

"Empowerment is not about giving power; it's about unlocking the power that already exists within."— Someone Inspirational

Woof, not sure if it's the four espressos or the quote, but I think my internal juices are flowing a little too much...


They say you've got two ears and one mouth, so listen more than you speak. We've also got 10 fingees to add new features as fast as we can.


One page, Two Page, Three Page, Four. With Multipage you can create more! Guys, I'm not a poet. I only own one beret.

This image is the Create Dashboard page showing multiple pages of a project. In the upper right hand corner is the "New Page" button
Look at that beautiful new page button up there. 👩‍🍳 Mwah

Now you can create projects with multiple pages. You can see the updated Dashboard above. I know I'm supposed to explain this but else is there to say? Go play around with it ya single page having Neanderthals.

Billy Mays saying but wait there's more in an oxy clean ad
Not an ad but Oxi Clean does rip.

You thought we'd just add ONE THING? Please.

Check out these new Integrations!

🚨 OpenAI Moderation 🚨

the word nsfw
Now Sifting For Worthless-garbage.

Haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll, and we're just gonna sit back and sunbathe while Create filters all that nonsense.

Gwenyth Paltrow and Jude Law lounging poolside in The Talented Mr. Ripley
Aah, look how relaxed we are. Yes that is most definitely us IRL.

Now you have the capability to scour your app to filter offensive, hurtful, or egregious responses. (Keep in mind that this is based on OpenAI's Moderations API, not what Grandma Lucille finds problematic...)

All you have to do is describe how your app should use it, and Create will build the app that way.

As our co-founder Dhruv puts it "the better your description of what you want to have happen, the better the results". So get granular with it! (Or, you know, be vague and reap what you sow.)

You could tell Create to:

  • Grab data from [my API] and flag it using /[OpenAI Moderation]
  • Make me an app lets me upload performance reviews, and for each response uses /[OpenAI Moderation] to label whether or not responses contain sexual content.
  • Build an app that collects all the reviews from the latest episode of Real Housewives, and use /[OpenAI Moderation] to filter out harassment. (though we're not sure if anything will be left...)

Still not getting it? Zaria's got a demo for you.

⏳ Real-Time Product Search 👀

Cher Horowitz from Clueless holding multiple shopping bags
Capitalism makes the world go round. It also offers SO MUCH DATA.

Now you have the power of Google Shopping, the largest product database in the world, right at your fingertips.

Everyone loves a shortcut, so rather than writing the code yourself to incorporate that API, just type /[Real Time Product Search], and Create will do it for you.

The applications here are virtually limitless. Let us know on our Discord how you're trying to use it - if more people use it in more creative ways, we're able to build a more powerful version. Collaborative learning, baby.


With all the negativity, we think it's important to highlight something that reminds us that spending long hours in front of our computers is worth it (sorry for missing date night babe, but how do you think we afford every single streaming service?)

Today's heart-warming tale comes from, of all places, Twitter (I'll call it X when the SpaceX Starship doesn't explode...)

A twitter exchange where one user recommends using create instead of mocking things out in Figma
Who needs a marketing team when you have users like Mayur?

People are realizing that Create is a new and effective way to simply build things that you want! Measure twice, cut once might be good for lumber, but why not just see, in code, and in real time, what you’re making? 

Creating in code is the best way to build a product. And now, you can do it even without a CS degree from some fancy University. cough cough don't check our diplomas...

I mean, even DHH sees the big picture. Quick, someone DM him the Create Homepage.


Okay, this is a bit of a cheat, because, actually, we loved this argument from Matt Alston over at Wired. And yes, I know this article is from 2023. I also just watched Casablanca for the first time. I'm a busy guy.

Companies are so addicted to "optimization software" that they forget to do the most important thing - ask their employees what they really need.

That's one thing that's so powerful about Create - it allows everyone to feel empowered enough to simply build the tools they want and need. And if they can't do it alone, they can collaborate with other orgs in their company. So-called productivity isn't nearly as important as efficiency and enabling people to customize products to their specific needs.


Dr. Frankenstein creating his monster from Young Frankenstein
I call it "Rate Your Reads"!

Rate Your Reads by @silo<3

the Rate your Reads page with a few starred book reviews
You can still review a book if you don't finish it right? Right?

A GoodReads style website without the toxic subculture. Works end to end and even stores all your data!

Image Comparison by @domenico.pendino

An app which compares two images. One on the left of a blue ocean, one on the right of a speedboat making a circle in the water
It can't tell you your perfect angles. Yet.

This app uses GPT-4 Vision to find the differences in exposure, white balance, and color of two images. Super simple design with tons of potential modification.

Magical Diary by @harshada.dhamneyt

A magic and fairy themed diary with a chatbot addition.
Ever wonder if your diary thinks you're being a bit dramatic?

A colorful and imaginative layout to a diary. It even has a chatbot companion which allows you to search past entries.

Think you made the next great thing? Just really excited that you typed words and what came out wasn't gibberish? Submit your app by emailing


Okay, that's enough for this week. Marcus says that if I spend any more time on this, it becomes a personal diary and we can't expense it.

Remember, if it's rumbling around in your head...

Just Create It!

-Jeremy on behalf of Dhruv, Zaria, Marcus, James, and Meron