Speed to Market

Speed to Market

See how Chris Moulton, an early stage startup founder, was able to get his product to market faster using Create

"AI hasn't just sped up our process—it's completely reinvented it."
What you'll learn:
How to use Create to reduce development time and get in front of users faster
How to streamline your prototyping process

The challenge

The time it takes to go-to-market with your product is everything. The faster you get your product out there, the sooner you can get customer feedback, grow your reach, and start making money.

Any founder will tell you that the ability to rapidly iterate and develop your product gives you a leg up– every time.

For founder Chris Moulton, fast development is everything. Chris is a founder with a strong background in UX/UI design. He is developing a new mentoring product that uses AI to make quality mentorship accessible to a broader audience. He needed to build the foundation for his new web app and needed a tool that allowed him to do it (1) without coding and (2) without compromise.

The solution


Chris discovered Create after exploring several no-code and low-code tools. Create stood out to him because he could immediately start prototyping without a huge learning curve, saving time and reducing the need for technical skills to develop his ideas.

"The capabilities here allow people who aren't necessarily experts in Next.js or even design... to go to market with a product in months or less with just an idea."

Chris began his creative process with inspiration, collecting images and elements from various websites. Utilizing Create, he prototyped initial drafts by copying and pasting images into the builder and expanding upon them.

Chris utilized Create to build small pieces of his product- and then quickly tested and got them in front of stakeholders. His workflow was iterative, with constant edits and improvements based on retesting. He flipped back and forth from demoing to building frequently. After he was happy with the results, Chris downloaded the code and assembled all the components of his project.

In total, Chris has made over 100 components in Create.

"I think what's really game-changing is the ability to do all this in a matter of minutes, to see the results, to refine, and to be able to take it right away and put it into a larger project."


While Chris is still pre-launch, it's clear that Create has saved him significant time.

In his own words:

"Create has been foundational and saved probably six months of time just for this one project."

Chris significantly reduced development time using Create's tools, presenting MVPs to investors and potential customers faster than ever. By saving time on developing the frontend of his app, he enhanced his business efficiency. This efficiency allowed for rapid iteration, leading to better product choices that have lead to a more complete solution for his customers.

A peak into what's possible

App Menu

App Menu - built with Create
Make your own in 2 minutes

Modern Pricing Page

Modern Pricing Page - built with Create
Make your own in 2 minutes

Profile Card

Profile Card - built with Create
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