This week: Dall-E 3, Cohere Command R+, and Asset panel

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April 16, 2024

Hey Creators,

Another week, another way to make things with Create that look pretty. Also, 2 new AI models as integrations to supercharge your tools (hello Command R+ and Dall-E 3!)

As a reminder, Create is a new creative tool that turns descriptions into apps.

Estimated Read Time: 5 mins


Asset Panel: Add your own images to use across projects

Today, we're launching the asset panel. It houses image uploads you can use across your projects. Try it.

Upload assets
Upload images

Use assets in your spec
Use images in your projects

Upload logos, images, profiles, icons, svgs, or even gifs. Type "/" in your spec to add them to the project.

Assets are shared across projects, components, and your team. So load in your brand assets once, invite your teammates, and let everyone make prototypes, tools and sites that look like yours.

Here's a few ways to use them:

portfolio site
Make a personal portfolio site w/ images as links

A gallery component
Make a gallery component
A logo scroll
Make a logo scroll of all your customers

Go ahead. What are your assets?

New Integrations

Dall-E 3: Make your own image generation tools with OpenAI's latest model in 2 sentences

Don't have any assets? You're in luck. We already had Stable Diffusion as an integration, and now we've added Dall-E 3.

Make your own image generator and you'll have assets forever.

Dall-E has some subtle differences from Stable Diffusion that make it better for certain needs (e.g. "computer made" vs. photorealistic, etc.)

If you're still not sure what's best, it only takes 2 sentences to make a personal side x side playground in Create:

Making a side x side comparison tool with Create
Well, that was easy...

Command R+: Make your own AI tools with Cohere's latest model

You can now make your own AI tools using Command R+ in just a few sentences. Type "/" to add it from the integration menu.

There were some Internet rumblings last week that Cohere's Command R+ is the first "GPT-4 quality" open weights model.

Don't know what those numbers mean? It means you can make powerful tools with it in Create.

Just describe how you want to use it and Create will hook up Command R+ to your tool.

New integrations
Thank you @SuguruKun_ai for scooping us :)

Things we liked

Want to chat about Create, AI, and get help building your apps? Hit us up on Discord.

🏆 Creator of the week 🏆

Satokoyo has been putting out amazing, personal micro games on Twitter (@koyo_koyoy). Give them a follow for inspiration.

We spent far too long playing this fun slide puzzle game they made that uses Stable Diffusion. Give it a try if you have a minute:

Get inspired by their creations:

slide puzzle game
Try it - it's addicting.
Fireworks game
Simple and fun
Brick breaker game
I made brick breaker for a CS class once and it took me 40 hours
Drawing game
Make your own drawing game...with exports

Think you made the next great thing? Just really excited that you typed words and what came out wasn't gibberish? Tweet about your app - we'll feature it :) Or post it in our Discord.

See ya!

That's what we got this week.

Remember, if it's rumbling around in your head...

Create it!

- Zaria, James, Meron, Dhruv, and Marcus