This week: collaborate with your team 👥

Hi Creators,

The best products are built in teams, so now you can invite people to build with you!

Invite your friends, invite your co-founder, or invite your nephew who knows how to prompt.

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You can even invite us:

  • to make your app more functional
  • to make your apps prettier

To kick this off, we’ll be hosting a live stream in Discord tomorrow at 9am PT where we will work together on whatever you’re building.

Top apps this week

Thousands of apps but here are the top 3 we found

IDEAS For Us Agent created by @justin.farrow
TeamFlow Therapy App created by @kelyngc
AI Task Manager created by @Michaelbolloz

Want to submit your app for next week? Send an email to

We’ve been listening to your suggestions and are launching two new integrations:

Google Business Data📍

The Google Business Data integration allows you to access business insights within your projects. To begin, try a prompt like “Ask what city you would like to have lunch in. Use [Google Business Data] to create a list of 5 restaurants you can choose from.”

Google Place Autocomplete 🗺️

The Google Place Autocomplete integration allows you to add predictive location typing within your projects. Add this integration to your app by typing, “As you type in your location, use [Google Place Autocomplete] to finish what you are typing”

Check out this Demo App

More information about all integrations

Just create it!

Dhruv, Zaria, Marcus, Meron, James

P.S. We also wanted to give a shoutout to MM7Games and Matty McTech for featuring us in their videos recently. Check them out!