This week: components and charts 🧩

Hi Creators,

Sometimes apps can get complex. To assist with this, we've now added one of our most requested features: Components.

See something you want to reuse?

Want more control over a smaller section?

Building an app with multiple pages?

Now you can Add components to your projects or Lock elements of your apps.

There are three ways:

Create a component from your dashboard with the "New component" button

Highlight text from your spec and "Convert to component"

Click directly on elements of your project in the builder and click "Convert to component"

Top apps this week

We saw 1000s of apps last week, but here are the top 3 (thanks to our Discord users for voting!):

Budget Tracker by @danielosh5
Event Cost Estimator by @dolej65528
Social Media Post Generator by @danilo.lino

Want to submit your app for next week? Send an email to

We’ve listened to your requests! This week we are adding three new integrations:

Charts 📊

Add charts and graphs to your projects. To use this integration, try adding a sentence like “Turn the data into a histogram using /[Charts]” to your spec. Hint: this integration works great with a REST API.

View a demo of Charts with a REST API

Domain Inspector 🔎

Verify a domain's email validity, availability, expiration date, and identify its registrar. To begin, try a prompt like “Allow the user to input an email address. Use /[Domain Inspector] to check if the domain is valid.”

US Sales Tax Calculator 🛍️

Calculate sales tax by address within the United States. To use this integration, try a prompt like “Allow the user to type in their address. Then, show the sales tax rate in the area with /[US Sales Tax Calculator].”

More information about all integrations

Just create it!

Dhruv, Zaria, Marcus,  Meron, and James