This week: GPT-4-Turbo & free link in bio

Hi Create community,

Some quick updates for those building with Create. As a reminder - Create is a new generative AI first builder that lets you automagically create sites and apps with full code. We're adding more each week.

A few new things:

  • 🀯 GPT-4-Turbo - we've rolled out GPT-4-Turbo to all builders and WOW it is faster, more accurate, and more fun. Give it a whirl. And push it the extreme - you can always go back to a previous version with the right bar.
  • πŸ”— Make your own endlessly customize-able link-in-bio - we've made it super easy to create a personal site with all your links...for free. Just head here, it will generate your page, you can customize, add your links, and publish with one click. Link that page in your social bio to drive traffic to your other surface areas online.
Link in Bio Maker
Link in Bio site
"Make it funky" with GPT-4
"Make it funky"
  • πŸš€ Publishing - You can now publish any of your sites to "", first come, first serve. So make something you want to put your name on. Reach out if you'd want a custom domain and we can get you set up.
Publish your own site at
Publish your site at
  • πŸŒ„ Editing images, text, and links - we've been hard at work making these things silky smooth (as it's most of what you do when making a site). Just click on an element to edit. We think we've ironed out a lot of the bugs here, so let us know if you see issues.
  • πŸŒ„ Better preview images - If you share your app online or via text, you'll see a shiny new preview image.

You can try all these new features out from our homepage or from your dashboard.


James, Dhruv, Marcus, and Zaria (the Create Team)