This week: GPT-4 Vision, Weather Data, and more

Hi Creators,

We’ve listened to your requests! This week we are adding two new integrations:

GPT-4 Vision 👁️
Analyze and interpret images within your projects. To try it, use a prompt like “Ask the user to upload an image. Use /[GPT-4 Vision] to describe the image in detail.”

View full demo

Weather by City ⛅️
Add the current weather in any city to your project. To begin, try a prompt like “Use /[Weather by City] to create a thermometer for San Francisco.”

More information about all integrations

Top apps this week

We saw thousands of apps last week, but here are the top 3 (thanks to our Discord users for voting!):

Webflow Table Generator by @leonardo.antunes
Document Bookshelf by
To-do List by @jmc4517

Want to submit your app for next week? Send an email to

Teams using Create

We sat down with the team at Docsum (YC S23) to profile how they were using Create as a team. Read the article here and watch the video below.

Just create it!

Meron, James, Dhruv, Zaria, and Marcus