This week: Instant Design 🎨

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April 9 2024

Hey Creators,

We've got a big update this week. It will make your apps look so much better.

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Instant Design: Make instant, pixel-perfect updates to how your app looks

Today, we're launching Instant Design for Pro members. It lets you change design properties - instantly. Try it for your next project.

change radius colors
Isn't this so much better than writing "corners 10px plz"?

change color controls
Make 1000 color changes a second

Open the Design tab and tap on an element - a generative control panel appears. Add more padding, change the font, pick the perfect color: changes are made immediately.

Before, if you wanted a small adjustment to what was generated, you had to add it to your spec, and re-generate the entire app. Most generative products work this way. But it's too slow.

Now, you have fast, fine-grained control over exactly how each element looks. Generate v1 fast, then use the Design tab to iterate fast. It's making code updates - so you're good to go live once it looks how you want.

It's easier than ever to make gorgeous looking sites and tools. Go ahead and try it yourself.

Here's a few things we've made with it:

AI museum events page
A website for our next event maybe...

Hotel check in page
This one is cooler if you click on it :)

Make something people want website
Have we done this yet?

At Create, we care about:

1. speed (you can make things quickly)
2. control (the things you make are exactly how you want)
3. capabilities (the things you make are powerful)

Instant Design improves all three. For now it's for Pro members only. As we optimize it, we'll roll it out to free members.

For the engineers in the crowd, this is possible through some cool technical wizardry from Marcus and James. We make instant code changes by pre-computing design diffs with AI. If you're curious how that works, we'll do a deep dive blog post later this week. And if you're in SF, come work with us on the creative tool of the future.

New Integrations

Don't worry - we haven't forgotten about our free members. Here are three new integrations you can now use:

  • Movies and TV Search
  • Book Search
  • Anime and Manga

All of them let you search through large content databases and make apps that use that data. Just press "/" in your spec to use them.

We're already seeing people make incredible things with them:

Three things we liked

Want to chat about Create, AI, and your apps? Hit us up on Discord.

πŸ† Creator of the week πŸ†

We've really been enjoying the work of Twitter user Orange_TOMATO AI. Toss them a follow if you want inspiration. They're showing off what's possible now with Create.

Here's 3 things they made that we loved:

Furniture AI - generates a furniture image using Stable Diffusion, and finds similar items with Google Product search

Island Store - a fashion marketplace with landing page and category browsing

Explore Further - cool animation and call to action for all creators :)

Think you made the next great thing? Just really excited that you typed words and what came out wasn't gibberish? Tweet about your app - we'll feature it :) Or post it in our Discord.

See ya!

That's what we got this week.

Remember, if it's rumbling around in your head...

Create it!

- Marcus, Zaria, James, Meron, and Dhruv