This week: mobile friendly builder and autorenames

Hi Create community,

Some quick updates for those building with Create. As a reminder - Create is a new AI-first builder that lets you automagically generate prototypes. We're adding more each week.

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A few things we shipped this week:

  • 📱Mobile friendly builder - now it's way easier to make prototypes on your phone, on the go or on the toilet (tmi)
So clean, so keyboard aware...
  • 🔦 Rendering improvements - it's pretty tricky to get AI to always generate code that compiles and displays, but we're getting the hang of it. More than 99% of revisions now display code (on the quest to 💯)
  • ✏️ Autorename projects - after you type something to build, we'll choose a good name with AI to save you a click and clean up your dashboard if you have multiple projects.
  • 💡 Example pages - we're starting to put together some AI generated content on how to build cool things with our AI builder (meta, I know)

You can try all these new features out from our homepage or from your dashboard.


Marcus, Zaria, James and Dhruv (the Create Team)