This week: Scrape, Extract, Share

Hi Creators,

Thousands of new projects were created last week and here are 3 of our favorites. If you'd like your app to be featured, email us back here.

Top apps this week

AI Marketing Assistant by @ideas

White Board App by @parkerbailey

SEO Article Writer by @perry.lawrence

Scrape websites from your apps

One of our most requested features has been scraping data from other websites, so this week we’ve added it.

Make an app that fetches the latest data from other sites, parse the responses with ChatGPT and suddenly you can build incredibly useful tools that otherwise weren’t possible to build before.

Just use the Web Scraper integration

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Try out the app here

We’ve also added the ability to generate PDFs with the PDF Generation integration. It’s even possible to combine this with the scraping integration to build an app that generates a PDF of a specific website. Give it a try!

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