This week: Text to Speech, Scan Documents, and more 🗣️

Hi Creators,

Top apps this week

We dug through thousands of apps made on Create and here are our top 4 👇

Cyber WPM Test by
Interview Prep Help by @atozenith
Algebra II Resources by @nicholsjordan22
Kanban Board by @shaunak

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You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. This week we are adding two new integrations:

Text to Speech 🔊

Convert text to audio and read elements of your site aloud. To try it, add a sentence like “Use /[Text to Speech] to read the paragraph aloud” to your prompt.

Watch full demo

Document Scanner 📄 

Add document capture to your project and allow users to upload images of 8.5"x11" documents. To start, try a prompt like “Use /[Document Scanner] to allow users to upload an image of their resume.”

More information about all integrations

Just create it!

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