This week: upload images and add links

Hey Create community,

We're making the apps you can generate more functional. As a reminder - Create is a new AI-first builder that lets you automagically generate apps with full code. We're adding more each week.

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A few things we shipped this week:

  • 📸 Image uploads - AI generated images are great, but sometimes you have a specific logo or asset. Just tap on any image and you can replace it with your upload.
Add images
Adding custom images for each post
  • 🔗 Links - You can now add a URL to any part of the app you create by tapping on the element. Great for making your own custom "link-in-bio" page.
Add links
  • ✍️ Fonts - based on your prompt, our AI will now choose an appropriate font for your app. Soon, we'll let you customize it, but you'll notice things looking more unique.
  • 📲 More mobile friendliness - just tap the sidebar to access all of your projects on the go or share that app you just made with a collaborator.

You can try all these new features out from our homepage or from your dashboard.


Zaria, James, Dhruv, and Marcus (the Create Team)