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Hi Create community,

Welcome to our first newsletter. We'll send (occasional) updates here on new product updates. Special welcome to the hunters coming to Create for the first time from Product Hunt.

Autodevs by Create on Product Hunt
A week ago we launched autodevs on Product Hunt. We've been blown away by the support - 720+ upvotes, thousands of prototypes made, and #3 Product of the Day. Autodevs are AI powered devs that write code on their own - starting with simple UI prototypes.

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We launched to get more feedback as we're rapidly adding new capabilities. So if you have ideas on what would make it more useful for what you need to build, let us know.

A few things we've shipped since launch:

  • AI generated images - for example, you can now say "add images of trucks in a grid" and voila, the images will be added
  • Rendering bug fixes - we've improved stability so that UI should always show up after you tell it something to build

More specific iterations - Tap on any part of your app and give the autodevs more specific instructions. They'll apply changes to just that part.

Giving instructions to update just the sidebar

Join our Slack community here to follow along with updates and chat with the team + fellow users about feature requests, bugs or tips.


Dhruv, Marcus, Zaria, and James (the Create Team)